Graphic design – where art and purpose meet

Graphic design wasn’t something I really knew much about, but I’ve always been a creative person. At school I’d get lost in PowerPoint projects, designing layouts with word art and backgrounds, interesting page transitions and sometimes even sound effects. Don’t even get me started on the amount of A2 sheets and colour cardboard I burned through. I knew so little then of the potential I had to take that passion and turn it into such a fulfilling career.

Film school gave me my first taste of pursuing a career in the creative industries. What a ride. I majored in production design and loved it. I got to work with my hands and create things – got really dirty. There were several weeks every term during set builds where my classmates and I rocked up in overalls every day.

When I graduated, I was excited to take on the world of the Art Department. But as I grew in experience and knowledge, I realised I wasn’t ready for the film industry. I needed out and had to figure out what to do next. So I moved. I started fresh in a new city and enrolled at a small academy teaching graphic design.

Graphic design has opened up a world of possibilities. There is so much more one can do at the click of a button, creatively, than I had ever imagined. Working at Stories & Science has given me the opportunity to flex my creative muscle and explore the possibilities of design for a digital age.

The endless experimenting, trying and testing means there is this opportunity to grow and nurture a brand. You learn to understand what the brand needs creatively and the voice it has. What digital marketing means, is that most of this happens live. So it’s do or die – or better, do and repeat. Having multiple clients means I have never not got work to do, but it also means I get to remould my design style and experiment with wildly different concepts on a daily basis. It’s such an incredible opportunity as a young designer.

What kind of creator do I want to be?

Do you know what I meme?