MailChimp and Gin

There is a Little Cape Town Gin in Every S.I.N.

Doesn’t this sound like an email worth reading? Especially if you’ve received it a few days before Valentine’s. Every time we get to send an email on behalf of Cape Town Gin, there is a booze in the office. Did I say booze? I meant buzz. Well, you don’t need booze to get a buzz out of your email marketing. Selling a great bottle of gin helps, but for most industries, a well written and beautifully designed email sent at the right time to the right people should do the trick. 

email marketing via mailchimp cape town gin image

Open Rate

Depending on the party you’re at, this might refer to the speed at which you finish your glass of G&T. In geek speak, open rate refers to the percentage of people who opened your email. When it comes to email marketing, one of the key metrics for success is open rate. According to MailChimp, their best performing industry is Hobbies with an open rate of 27%. Trailing far behind is the business of sending people Daily Deals and E-Coupons with a lousy open rate of 14.9%. Somewhere in the middle is the Retail industry, where Cape Town Gin tries to make its mark. We are proud to say that their mailers outrank their industry by more than 3%.

According to MailChimp, your open rate might suck because:

  • Your subject line is not relevant or interesting enough
  • Your audience is composed of a wide variety of subscribers
  • You may be sending too many or too few campaigns

How we try to improve our open rates

  • Segment your list and personalize your message.
  • Nail the subject line.
  • Remove the non-readers from your list.
  • Make your content worth their while.
  • Stop shouting and start telling a story.
  • Be consistent. When and why you send your emails should make sense to people. Aim to find that sweet spot between spam and radio silence.

email marketing via mailchimp