Lesotho Sky

We’ve been working with Lesotho Sky since 2015 and it’s been a wonderful learning journey for all of us. From figuring out how to do live social media coverage in the middle of remote mountains to adapting marketing strategies for the under-pressure mountain biking industry, we’ve really been stretched over the years. Our latest creative project was to upgrade their existing website with a fresh new look while staying within a tight budget and on a short deadline.

Lesotho Sky Website Mockup

  • The brief was simple: fix site speed, improve mobile responsiveness, simplify navigation, introduce a new look and gear the site towards selling entries. It took our team close to 20 hours to complete this brief. In the process, we discovered some apps and insights that might help you with your next WordPress project.
    • Smush: This powerful plugin reduces image size with just a click of a button and really helped the image-heavy Lesotho Sky site speed up a lot.
    • Adobe XD: This wasn’t our first time playing with XD, but we really got the most out of building mockups on it this time. Website building is the same as carpentry: always measure twice and cut once.
    • Cloudflare: Honestly, if you’re not using Cloudflare to protect your site from DNS attacks at this point, get with the game. It also really helps improve your page speed while making your site more secure.
    • When you’re refreshing a site, you need to be brutal. Figure out the site’s core function (in this case selling entries to the next edition of Lesotho Sky) and strip out any piece of content that is not working hard enough to support it.
    • Responsive design is having a bit of a renaissance right now so lean into it, especially if you want to make a site really pop on mobile.