Neovision Optometrists

After a lot of work, we’ve recently launched the newly built Neovision Optometrists website.

We’ve been working with Neovision Optometrists since 2016, a nationwide optometry business known for their quality service and affordable prices. We started helping them pivot from expensive print advertising to utilising online platforms such as Facebook and Google. At that point in time, they had a website that would eventually become outdated the more our digital marketing efforts picked up steam. 

Neovision Optometrists website

What we were aiming for.

As it is for a lot of businesses, making the decision to build a brand new website takes time. So when our client eventually gave our proposal the thumbs up, we got cracking. Our plan was simple: develop a website that is fast, responsive and mobile friendly. It needed to be able to do three things really well:

  • Showcase the brand’s commitment to affordable, honest and transparent optometry.
  • Give site visitors a simple way to find the content they are looking for.
  • Kick ass when it comes to reaching our marketing goals.

While building it, we were again reminded of the important relationship between a website and your digital marketing campaigns. With the old website, we were limited in our confidence to launch marketing campaigns aimed at sending people to the website.

We had to rely on Facebook’s offer and lead generation campaigns while utilising Google My Business as landing pages. On Google Ads, we used call extensions for the high intent searches. But with the new website, users can easily find their nearest branches and request appointments. This gives us the opportunity to send users to the site, knowing that they can perform a trackable action that can result in an increase in turnover for the branch.

“Never let your ads write cheques that your website can’t cash.”

Avinash Kaushik

The new Neovision Optometrists website was built to serve the marketing goals we are striving towards. On the frontend, Neovision and its patients have a great looking website and in the backend, we have a digital platform that functions as a crucial partner in our marketing service to their brand.