The freefall of disruption.

What happens to a brand in a disrupted market?  Well, if you’re most brands, you probably wither and die. But not our friends at TSIBA. After the government announced its plans for free tertiary education, they pivoted to meet the demands of a changing market. We are proud to help TSIBA refresh their visual identity to match their new brand.

A new look and feel

We started this massive project with a redesign of the TSIBA logo. The new logo had to capture the vibrancy and energy of the client and their students, be instantly recognisable, exciting to look at and completely unlike anything else in the market. We think the new logo we built for them meets all these requirements and then some. With an insanely vibrant colour palette and a simple but dynamic shape, we want to plaster the logo on just about everything.

This is what we have learned:

  • Start with a moodboard. Put everything you think represents your brand on it, whether it’s a scene from a movie or a font you like. This is always a great place for a designer to start from.
  • It’s also good to get a few examples of what you don’t want to help your designer make something you love.
  • Find your brand’s X-factor and make it the focus of the logo. For TSIBA, it was their focus on the individual growth of all their students. We chose the letter I in their name as a focal point and made it the central focus of the logo. 
  • Try every option you can think of and then pick your five favourite logos. Then try as many different versions of those five you can, then pick your three favourites, and so on until your left with your final logo. Even then, don’t be afraid to change it.
  • Then work your way through the logo. Explain what every element adds to the logo and what purpose it serves by being there. If it isn’t doing enough work, cut it or replace it. Only keep elements that have a purpose.